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If you plan to incorporate a new color contrast in your room you must have a look at some of the most exciting black and white bedroom designs and black white bedroom decor ideas. The contrast of dark and black color together may look traditional but now  designers have new approaches to make it work in the contemporary interior setting.

Changes to Make in black and white bedroom designs

Here are some changes which interior designers have made with respect to making a contrast of two colors; light and dark.

  1. Though dark is being used in the interior design of black white bedroom decor ideas but it is not being used excessively, which means it is limited to either floor or ceiling or one wall only. This does not create an overwhelming dark environment and keeps the interior bright even without the light.
  2. The use of abstract designs in wall art is becoming more popular these days. There is a trend of using stencils in the wall art. For instance if one of the accents wall in the room is completely painted in black, you can have it decorated further by having the designers to design some stencils or wall textures on it.
  3. If the floor is pure white you can decorate one area on it. It will add more beauty and elegance.
  4. Create ambiance in the space yourself, there are tens of way for you to do it. For instance, the use of antique paintings would create a very contemporary yet impressive look that everyone will adore. The use of modern light fixtures can enhance the natural beauty and essence of the theme. All you need to do is come up with the ideas to make the theme look extraordinary by using less expensive wall art and wall decals.
  5. Some people are now opting for dark cabinets as well to complete their theme. Usually white furniture is recommended for contemporary room designs but if you want to make a twist in the setting the dark furniture would also add classiness you have imagined.


Features in Black White bedroom

If you are looking to add some twist in your black white bedroom decor you should try using some more colors in the interior.For instance, the color of the walls can be kept lighter in grey shades and the ottoman can be added as well, it can have a different color such as red,  grey, purple or any other bright shade which you think is good for the transformation of the room.

If you are looking to read more on the white and black bedroom ideas you should check these inspirations here.


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