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Yellow bedrooms, black yellow and grey bedrooms, Yellow grey and white bedrooms, and blue and yellow bedrooms can be some of the dreamy themes for you and your spouse if you spend some time in sprucing up the interior by using neutral and dark colored accessories such as paintings, art work and some indoor plants (does not matter if artificial).
We all know that yellow is a kind of tough color to handle in interior  of yellow bedrooms because this has some sort of neon and sharp effect to it. Any palette from this color is very risky to be used in interior without having a good plan, therefore, it is very important that you use the color carefully in the theme and do it with the right way- some designers make the use of grays along with it in order to bring some balance in the decoration of the yellow bedrooms, you can do the same. For instance if the bedding setting is wooden you can have it painted in gray color tone and hang some gray curtains in the room as well to make your theme.


Decorating Yellow and Grey bedrooms

Decorating your yellow and grey bedrooms can be both fun and exciting. The reason why grey makes for the perfect theme with yellow is because this color can be used naturally, also many designers have been using in creating wonderful yellow and grey bedrooms decorations for years. Why not to follow the designers and use the colors they have used to design our room? Wouldn’t that be a wise approach?

Keep in mind that installing some lighting is also very important for the brightening up the space you have. With neon colors you should use bright white lights- go for the fixtures which can provide good brightness to the area, having some mystic yet very beautiful shades to add more to the interior of the space in yellow and grey bedrooms. Your bed room is not a place where you would need a lot of brightness in yellow bedrooms  but you will still want everything to be seen clearly, for you should opt for either recessed or standing lamps lights after installing some sconces on the walls.


The use of indoor plants would also magnify the natural space of your room, however you need to try to get artificial counterparts of the real plants for your yellow and grey bedrooms. It’s obvious that real plants will evolves some nitrogen per oxide at night time which would not be good for the environment, if you want more oxygen then these plants should be placed in the balcony or in an outdoor space of the room.

Just decorate your room with more art pieces and more lighting to make the color scheme of yellow and gray work for interior.

Blue and yellow bedrooms

A lot of people also search for these some nice color schemes of yellow and blue bedrooms or blue or yellow bedrooms. The question is whether or not blue works for the room the way gray does. The answer is yes. You can do wonderful interior in blue and yellow bedroom by using blue on accent walls, flowers, flooring and furniture.

Some more color schemes 

Black yellow and grey bedrooms also make for good interior since you will be using multiple color of lighter tones instead of black alone. The grey can be mixed easily with black so if you use three colors in room your interior will turn out to be beautiful. There are tens of inspirations for you to choose in black yellow and grey bedrooms. If you don’t intend to use black in the first place you can go for the bright color such as white. It will help you brighten up the area. I have collected some information for you on yellow grey and white bedrooms.

Yellow bedrooms with wonderful lighting.

Nonetheless you can make your room more beautiful by adding paintings,white furniture and mirrors.

If you don’t love yellow,go for the color close to it.

Wallpapers also look nice.

Attic room.

Beautiful string lights on headboard.

Walls with matching yellow furniture look great.

A lot of accents make a room a better place.

Wall art with wall accent,

Wooden artwork looks great.

Side tables are attached within bedding headboard.

Wall color is cool with black furniture.

Inbuilt decorative racks behind bed looks great.

Abstract art makes a big difference on how your yellow room would turn out to be.

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