White living room design with decorations in bright color combinations and selecting the accessories for living room remodeling ideas

You can design your living room with all the colors that you love and adore. If you have been told that incorporating the shades of your choice is risky for the decor you have been misguided. There is not any color that you cannot use with freedom, all you need to do is just make a scheme first and pick the right hue from the color palette. If you love violet color for the decor, use it in the lowest possible intensity, how about applying one coat of it on the accent wall and then painting the rest of the living room in lilac or peach color. The scheme would turn out to be simple yet compelling, it is just a matter of time you will learn and understand how two colors of opposite nature can be combined together for the decoration of the living room. There are some nice color schemes available already that can be used as well.

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