A dream room for your dream bedrooms pink theme color contrasts tween room interior

Creating and decorating dream bedrooms, dream master bedrooms and fantasy rooms can be a big challenge for every homeowner if they have no clue whatsoever as where to start from and how to do the project.

How to decorate dream bedrooms

If you want to interior in your own dreamy and fantasy bedroom, you must make a list of of the following before you get started on the project.

  1. Make a list of all those characters either real or animated which you like the most to have in the decor of your dream master bedrooms or dream room. If you truly fantasize about a cartoon character from Disney movies, you can use him or her for creating a nice and impressive theme for the room.
  2. Suppose your favorite cartoon character has more blue in its color, then blue should be actually your main theme color. Now check the palettes and select some shades that have appeasing effect to the eyes, starting from the lightest ones. Incorporating a good theme in your dream room design can help you make a wonderful impression.
  3. Now think about the contrast, with blue you can use white, black, purple, pink and of course brown as well. The curtains of the room can  have a printed designs. If you love plain style then you can go for either primitive or ring style curtains, they are good for bed room areas. Pink color works well for all dream master bedroom designs or simple dream rooms with simple detailing and furniture because it is a girly color. The contrast of blue and white works good for rooms which is to be shared by two or more than two people.

This violet theme makes for great dream bedrooms.

Sometimes plaint white wall colors are enough for interior.

Twin suit for kids decorated wonderfully.

Elegant gray walls make the interior unique.

All I can say is wow on this dream master bedroom.

Indoor aquarium

Comfy home interior

Master room with marble floor

Traditional interior

  1. Having a wall accent in the bedroom area is also a good way of expressing your talent in a way of interior decoration. If you have painted yourself in life you can mount your work on the walls.
  2. Some 3d effects can also make the room somewhat extraordinary if you get them used correctly. In order for a 3D design to work perfectly you must discuss the possibility and availability of the options with your designers. These days many designers are installing 3d flooring to give space an entire different yet impressive makeover.
  3. Choose what your option is and then go for it. All you need is a good theme and contrast at first when the structure of your dream bedroom design is ready. Just have a design to make you one nice presentation in 3d form for your based on your dream room idea that you have in mind.

Pink theme color

HGTV inspired interior

Orange accent wall in room

Indoor pool in bedroom

Dream of teenage girl

The violet wonderland

Exquisite glass room

Ranch style room

White furniture sets

Indoor swimming pool and wonderful ceiling

Modern interior

Wall racks and cabinets in dream bedrooms
These are the details of the interior in the images.


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