Elegant metal container design for home accessories and home decoration by accent decor casbah

Home Decor Accents are used to decorate home,various nooks and corner of the rooms. There are already some ways of doing the decoration such as using artificial flowers, using little pottery pots, vases with flowers, and some big pots. I am sharing some nice home decor accents in gold and silver plated materials for the walls and corner that you will definitely love and adore.

Put it to use for decorating artificial as well as real flowers.

Something having antique finish as well as modern grace,gold plated pots are good for room decoration.

Different types of gold plated accents such as painting frames, lamp poles, clocks and mirror

Decorative gold plated “HOME” for fireplace decoration in home.

The silver plated mirror on the back looks fantastic with the painting having gold frame and rim.

Casual metal accessories which can be used to decorate tables in rooms and homes.

Different types of wooden and metal accessories.

Calligraphy for the walls in arabic.

Beach themed accents in white color.

Lamps and vases for putting flowers.

Metallic ornaments for living room.

Antique style drum table for the living room decoration.

Heavy gold plated wall accent for rooms.

Metallic ornaments for walls, tables and corners.

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