Playing monkey wall decor for baby room

Decorating the baby nursery can be a big task but it can be done easily with a good plan. Luckily there are some nice baby nursery wall colors and baby wall decor ideas which can come handy. The more colors you use on the walls of the nursery the better it will look, so here we go with the best ideas.I hope you will like this collection.

Dotted design for baby nursery walls

The artwork of alphabets and finches

Small name cards hanging with the ribbons
Beautiful cards placed against the pink wall, good for the room of a baby girl

Small cartoon figures painted on the walls

Her or his name on the wall with tapestry around it.

Painting tree on the walls near the crib and bedding set.

The zoo themed decoration, cute animals are around.
Cute baby wall decoration with animated artwork, he or she will love it they have colors.

Bear or bunny themed decoration for the nursery

Here goes different cards that can be placed against the wall.

The same idea but different cards you will get plenty of like these on the market.

His name on the rack board, beautiful way to decorate the wall.

The board cards with different types of animated work.

The artboard with painted animals.

Cards and more cards that compliment the theme of the room, especially the colors of the walls.

These ideas works well for baby wall decor for the nursery of the baby girl.

Cartoon characters with a good theme, you can get plenty of theme from the market. Use either stickers or paints for the walls.

The dancing monkey, very cool wall art for the baby nursery.

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