Copper themed wall design and decor

Copper wall art is famous because it has nice finish besides having metallic look. Some artists are mixing gold plating ornaments along with aluminum and silver ornaments to bring up the sophistication of real copper metal.

Let’s review some copper wall art and master pieces that can be used for decorating home and rooms.

Textured paints in copper metal

Wooden is also used in this copper artwork.

Different types of metals are used in this artwork including copper.

Colors are added to the painting.

Wonderful piece of art for walls of living room and dining room.

Looks like leafy structure.

The color combinations in copper metal makes this piece perfect.

The tree trunks are designed wonderfully.

Copper metal artwork with great colors.

The textures and colors of metals can be seen in these palettes.

Antique style decoration.

The Meaningful copper wall art with a man with his dog.

The use of metal over wooden board or pallet board.

Another work showing the pattern of the metal

Autumn leaf.


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