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If you are looking to decorate baby nursery you should review some wall appliques ideas because they work well for the interior of any kind of nursery. Bare and black walls can be well covered as there are so many good designs available out there for all types of small and big spaces. 

Wall appliques come in a wide range of words, animated styles, chalkboards, mirrors and cartoon characters. For baby nursery you can pick the colorful ones such as animated characters from the stories or cartoons. Unluckily if you don’t found the kind of wall paper you are looking for you can always order a custom one, how about using your own creativity and making a custom design out of the photo, make this photo a wall decal for the nursery. It’s also fun to create wall mural with photo for the nursery, the idea works well for the kids’ rooms or any rooms of the home.

Put an interesting mural based on game, colors or alphabets on the walls, you will never run out of the ideas since there are tens of murals already available on the market.

You don’t even have to think about creating a mural or design since you have lots of murals to choose from, just surf the market you are going to find many stick and peel appliques which helps decorating the room. The design will stick to the wall easily, there is no messy work involved, no messy clean up you need to go through, if the design gets old just peel it off.

These ideas work well for the baby nursery, check these trees murals and some butterfly peel off vinyl appliques, they are easy to stick to the walls and easy to remove.

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