Metal Wall Sculpture ideas for interior and exterior

Metal Wall Sculpture ideas for interior and exterior

Metal sculptures can be used for decorating the walls, they look very artistic and beautiful when used with other accessories. Some sculptures could be big enough that they should be hung alone such as trees, metallic shapes with 3d structures and certain shapes. You can use these sculptures to adore important parts of the home such as living room, dining room or bedroom area.Mere reflection of original tree trunks

Fish, looking somewhat antique but beautiful for certain

The tree shape structure for the walls, it’s beautiful and classy

3D painting like structure for walls with water, trees, and mountains it is classy.

Just the square shapes frames built inside frames, good for walls which require big sculptures.

Something artistic, the flag signs are somewhat visible here and there.

Nose of an air craft with wings.


The pattern of the metallic plate on the paintings.

Bio mechanical structure in metal form.


Horses in motion, running steadily.

Antique structure with visible metallic marks.


Creative metallic sculpture with colors and molds for the walls.



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