Tapestry ideas for home and interior

Whether you have a modern home or old home you will always love the wall tapestry ideas for the decor because they are personalized and handmade. Using them on walls as hangings would bring up the natural beauty of your home for sure. Let’s check some of the best DIY wall tapestry ideas along with some wall hangings ideas.

Tutorial on Tapestry Crochet

Whether you want to use wool or any other materials for weaving tapestry crochet you need to learn how to weave your stitches and how to make a perfect weaved crochet.

Big boy play Room art

How about making some artwork for decorating the walls of your kid’s room, you can do it easily by reviewing the tutorial on how to make the art yourself. Big boy art tutorial.


Yarn Banner DIY

You can use yarn to crochet hangings for the walls of your room and home, here is how a tutorial on Yarn Banner Diy which requires dying the yarn and then using it for creating the banner..


Dorm DIY geometrical wall hangings

This tutorial on wall hangings is cool and easy, you need to review the guide on how to make DIY wall hangings for your own room without spending much time.


DIY macrame wall hangings with beads

DIY wall hangings help you make new ornaments and accents for your walls, you can do it if you learn how to do some basic weaving on the woolen ropes or the materials being used in the hanging. Let’s check this wall hanging.

DIY batik dye wall hanging idea

This works require basic dying skills which you can learn from this tutorial of batik dye wall hanging. You can use white color in the beginning if using black makes the dying process a little hard for you.


3D wall art hanging using acrylic paint

This piece of art is wonderful because acrylic colors are used for it. You can check out this tutorial for more information on how to make 3d wall art hanging.

Now it is time for reviewing some basic tapestry wall art ideas which I have collected from different resources, these arts are wonderful thus they must be used for decorating rooms and different areas of the home.

Artistic Indian made tapestry

You can see cultural reflection in these ornaments.

Patches of different embroidered pieces.

Wonderful piece of artwork.

The thread work is not visible in this painting like tapestry.

Showing a forest or jungle with stags.

Something we call call batik dyed print.

Handwork on the fabric.

Mandala with horoscope.

Painting of a village.



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