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Exterior home design styles vary from time to time; in old times they were simple, less brighter than now, and more of compact with simple white paint on the exterior walls. Today, paint is chosen carefully for the exterior walls knowing that it will be exposed to severe weather conditions round the year such as storms, snow fall,  rains and sometimes heavy rain falls as well. There is a difference between down pouring and rain falls, the latter is more dangerous , it wracks more havoc. There could be different weather conditions depending on the location, state and country you are right now, however, in all cases, the exterior should be constructed after deep deliberation. It must stay in good condition for long period. If it is made of low quality material, it will not be able to stand the test of time, it may lose its beauty sooner than expectation. There are some features as well which could be added to the exterior to make it noticeable and unique. Showing you some ideas.

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