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Home interior decoration accessories can make a whole lot difference in the interior than what you have expected. A simple stardust mirror hung on the accent wall of the living room may change the entire interior without any effort or struggle. The mirrors are said to have their own dimensions which impact positively on the space where they are used or hung. When the space is too narrow, small or congested, the use of mirrors help give it an impression of vast space and that’s without altering any other feature of the room. In most cases, mirrors are used in the living room areas to improve their decoration, when there is an accent wall you can decorate it with all different kinds of home interior decoration accessories that you have. Try to decorate it with modesty, do not overdo the decor because it might mess up the original beauty of the space.  One mirror is enough for one room, do not cover the walls with a lot of metallic accessories. If you intend to place a metallic sculpture, it has to be a compact one, placed nicely by the side of the sofa or television wall unit.

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